Branding, marketing, and advertising can be silly. But we give them a ton of power to shape how we see the world.

So we made a podcast to talk about how this stuff really works (how do businesses become brands?), make fun of the super stupid stuff (like when brands get woke), and trash the really ugly stuff that businesses use their brands to hide.

Latest episode

It's June, everyone, and you know what that means: every brand is gay. During Pride month, rainbows are everywhere: in store windows, overlaid on brand logos, and streaming off of a Chipotle Pride float that reads, "¿Homo estás?"

But what role, if any, should brands play during Pride? John Olson, a designer and queer artist/performer, jumps into The Brand Hole to talk about the give and take between queer communities being seen by mainstream culture and being pandered to.