Branding, marketing, and advertising can be silly. But we give them a ton of power to shape how we see the world.

So we made a podcast to talk about how this stuff really works (how do businesses become brands?), make fun of the super stupid stuff (like when brands get woke), and trash the really ugly stuff that businesses use their brands to hide.

Latest episode

Special guest Danya Glabau of Implosion Labs is back for part 2 of our discussion of ethnographic research. We get into why brands should even bother with this kind of research, why they should rethink their research recruiting criteria to include input from people, groups, and perspectives they don't always consider, and what to expect when they're expecting the results of a study. 

When a brand gets something really, really wrong, it's often because it missed something really important about what its brand means to the people who use it. And when a brand gets something really right? It might be because it tapped into a way of using its brand that it hadn't understood before.

Special guest Danya Glabau of Implosion Labs joins to explain what ethnographic research is, its value in answering "how" questions, and what to think about along the way. 

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