Marketing and branding can be silly. But we give them a ton of power to shape how we see the world.

So we made a podcast to talk about how this stuff really works (how do businesses become brands?), make fun of the super stupid stuff (like when brands get woke), and trash the really ugly stuff that businesses use their brands to hide.

And we’ll try to understand the biggest question of all...

What are the world's biggest brands horny for?

Join us in The Brand Hole to find out.

Latest episode

Today, Caitlin and special guest Nora Geiss give the Kardashians far more respect than they deserve. Nora, Beautiful Mind-style, lays out the universe of the Kardashians and the strategic intent behind each member of the Kardashian clan's brand. (If nothing else, we can admit that the Kardashian family knows what they're doing.)

Will you think the Kardashians are good now? Maybe not. Will you ever be able to look at their collection of brands and businesses the same again? Certainly not.