Marketing and branding can be silly. But we give them a ton of power to shape how we see the world.

So we made a podcast to talk about how this stuff really works (how do businesses become brands?), make fun of the super stupid stuff (like when brands get woke), and trash the really ugly stuff that businesses use their brands to hide.

And we’ll try to understand the biggest question of all...

What are the world's biggest brands horny for?

Join us in The Brand Hole to find out.

Latest episode

Today, special guest (and Caitlin's business partner) Paula Pou talks about when brands go too far in service of creating "brand experiences": when they tell their employees, like, how to be a person. From personal hygiene to jaywalking to encouraging criticism of fellow employees, brands try to control how employees look, speak, and behave in ways that create a job on top of their actual job