Caitlin has spent the last decade in corporate branding. She co-runs a brand strategy shop called Doublebit Narrative, which specializes in verbal identity (something brands love) and naming (something brands shouldn't attempt without supervision). You can watch her tell gross jokes to herself on Twitter @badnewsbarrett or tweet about corporate jargon @doublebitbk.


Mike is a comedian, writer, and actor. He teaches marketers how, and how not, to turn comedy writing into a tool brands can use to create its most carnal treasure: content. You can find Mike speaking at conferences all over. Follow him on Twitter @bigmanmike or book him to make your next event a little less...stiff. 

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A huge thank you to James Sparber for recording, sound design, and original music on The Brand Hole. He also wrote the original version of our theme song, called "Boys in Heat" with his band Girl Harbor.